Original Paintings.

The mainstay of my work is painting flower portraits. I don’t think of myself as a botanical painter and my work does not resemble that genre. I always paint from life and the aim is to capture the life and hidden personality of a plant or a flower and not just painstakingly painting the details. I produce larger than life size portraits of my sitters – mostly in Watercolour, and spend most of the time being with the flower, just observing and getting a sense of what the plants about – much like having a one sided conversation where I am the listener. I paint in Watercolour or Gouache.

Purple Clematis.57cmx76cm.
A selected area of Sue’s Dahlias. Watercolour.
Peony 56cmx76cm
Japanese Anemonie and Rhododendron. 57cmx76cm
Section of Spring flowers. very large painting!

My studio is open by appointment to see other paintings. Details are on Contact page.

Limited Edition Prints

“There is so much life and freedom in these plants that they still seem to be growing” – The Lady Magazine.

I don’t have a choice about painting flowers and plants. I don’t ‘do it’ somehow ‘it does me’ I also don’t choose my subjects, I feel they somehow choose me. 

My work can be found in homes and galleries all over the world, I take inspiration from wildness and natural beauty, and the colour and vibrancy of my garden.

I offer Limited Edition Prints of my paintings. They are £225 each and come mounted. I sign and number all prints and they are as close as is possible to the original painting in colour, texture and scale. All prints are available to send and p&p is £10.00 per print.

This is a small selection of the limited edition prints I offer. All are 56cm x76cm.


Summer paintings 2019

I fell in love with a purple clemetis this summer and painted it on several occasions. Here is the result before framing. Oriel Glyn y Weddw. Summer exhibition.