Kimono and Textiles.

I used to be a commercial textile designer and worked freelance for many Interior Furnishing manufacturers. My work took me all over the world and I met many interesting people along the way. I taught at many universities and colleges, design and painting on course from Foundation to BSC Textile design. I also got to know flowers in those years. Nowadays I paint from my studio in North Wales. I spent some years in Bali and worked closely with designers and the best craftspeople in Indonesia and we came up with this range of kimono. We worked on the softest of Chinese silk using Fineline batik. Each kimono took 7 solid days to produce and the effect is stunning. Inspiration was taken from diving coral reefs and local flowers/birds and indigenous motifs. They cost £195.00 each and can be thrown into a washing machine or scrunched up into a suitcase and they hardly take up any room. Creases fall out.


Detail of Chinoiserie Fans. 68cmX32cm.